Cannot Add Balance, Reached the Maximum Allowed

Updated: 9 months ago
Article ID: 258796

Common Problems

  • I get this error when claiming a balance code
  • I receive this error when buying Balance
  • Sorry! This transaction would cause your balance to exceed the maximum allowed
  • Error: "You already own an item that's included in this product, but we are unable to return its cost to your Balance at this time."

These errors can appear in the following cases:

  • You are buying too much Balance in one order, or are trying to add Balance to an account that already has a significant amount on it. Spend some of your Balance before trying to add more.
  • Your account does not have an Authenticator on it. You cannot have more than $110 in Balance in your account if you don't have an Authenticator. To resolve this problem, please add an Authenticator before trying to add more. 
  • You are trying to claim a Collector's Edition on an account that already has the digital expansion. For some games our system will automatically credit you balance equivalent to the cost of your original digital purchase. This is to avoid you paying for the same product twice. Spend some of your Balance before trying to claim the Collector's Edition, or add an Authenticator if you do not have one. 

Note: The maximum amount of Balance you can have on your account is $350, or $110 if you don't have an Authenticator linked to your account. See our Balance Restrictions article for more information.