Can't Trade Loot

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Common Problems

  • Doesn’t let me trade the item to another party member.
  • The loot master cannot trade the loot.
  • I rolled need by mistake.

For bind on pick-up gear the following trading restrictions apply to loot in World of Warcraft:

Loot obtained in...World of WarcraftWoW Classic EraWoW Classic Progression
RaidCan be tradedCan be tradedCan be traded
DungeonCan be traded
(see Personal Loot)
Cannot be tradedCan be traded
(Heroic dungeon items only)
Outdoor world
(i.e. world bosses)
Cannot be tradedCannot be tradedCannot be traded

Note: Characters created as self-found on a WoW Classic Hardcore realm cannot trade any items.

You can only trade an item to players that were present for the kill, eligible for loot, and within four hours of real time in World of Warcraft or two hours of online time in WoW Classic Era and Progression. If the player you want to trade with is not from the same realm, the trade must be completed before leaving the dungeon or raid instance.

Customer Support cannot help with bypassing any of these restrictions

General restrictions

  • You cannot trade gear that...
    • Was restored through the Item Restoration service.
    • Was equipped or modified (enchanted, upgraded, transmogrified, etc).
    • Was collected from the mailbox after the Postmaster sent it to you.
    • Unlocks unique appearances, for example, the Scythe of the Unmaker.
  • Only gear can be traded:
    • Quest items cannot be traded, for example, the Splinters of Atiesh or Fragments of Val'anyr.
    • Most toys, mounts, and pets cannot be traded. Those that can be traded will have a trade timer.

Personal loot additional restrictions

  • You cannot trade gear that is an upgrade for your character. An item is an upgrade for your character when its item level is higher than the item level of any previously received gear for that specific slot.
  • Crafted Legendary items do not unlock the option to trade lower item level pieces for their slot.