Can't Install the Public Test Realm Client

Updated: 3 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I can't install the PTR, I don't see the option in the app
  • The download got stuck
  • Error: Unable to initialize storage

The Public Test Realm (PTR) is a special service you can use to test game updates before we release them to the public.

How to install

To install the PTR, you must first have a standard game account. For World of Warcraft, your account must be a full account, can't be a Starter Edition account.

You can install the PTR directly through the app.

  1. Open the app
  2. Select your game
  3. Above the Play button, select Public Test Realm 
  4. Click Install

If the option to install the PTR isn't showing, it means you either don't have a standard game account, or there is no PTR for this game at this time. 


If you experience technical issues downloading or installing the PTR client, please check our Installation and Patching Troubleshooting support article. 

World of Warcraft

If you receive the "Unable to initialize storage" error, it means you do not have enough hard drive space, or you do not have permission to write to the proper hard drive. Move the PTR installer file to your World of Warcraft directory, then try to run it again.

If you get a version error, connect to a live realm to make sure you have the latest version of World of Warcraft. If the error persists, move the installer to your World of Warcraft directory and run it from there.

Tried everything here?

Customer Support cannot help with technical issues on the PTR. If you need assistance, please visit the PTR forums. PTR forums are only available when the PTR is running and are only in English  (World of WarcraftDiablo IIIOverwatchStarCraft IIHeroes of the StormHearthstoneWarcraft III).