Loot Eligibility

After you kill a boss, you will receive loot only if your character is eligible. Your character is not eligible for loot if:

  • You didn't actively participate in the encounter. For example, you were too far away or, in the case of dungeons or raids, you were outside of the instance
  • You were loot-locked. This is applicable to bosses with loot-based lockout. In this case, you must wait until your lockout expires before you can obtain loot from this boss 

Customer support cannot grant loot and cannot reset dungeon or raid lockouts to make your character become eligible. 

Loot Chance

When you kill a monster or boss, you are guaranteed to receive gold. An item is usually not guaranteed in any monster or boss. Some exceptions exist where a boss will always drop an item, for example, the final boss of a 5 player, non-Mythic dungeon when using the group finder. Learn more in our Loot Drop Rate support article. 

Missed Loot

While in Personal or Group Loot, loot items will be automatically pushed to your inventory if you win one. If your inventory is full or you are disconnected during the encounter, the Postmaster will send you the loot to your mailbox, with some limitations. Learn more in our Postmaster Didn't Send Loot support article.

There is no Personal Loot in WoW Classic. You must loot corpses yourself. If you skip a loot it will not be sent to your mailbox. Customer Support doesn't assist with recovering skipped loot.