Didn't Receive Loot from Shadowlands World Boss

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • I didn't receive a Memory for the Runecarver from Shadowlands world boss.
  • I didn't receive any loot from this week's world boss.

You can only receive loot from a world boss the first time you kill it per weekly reset.

With the exception of Runecarver Memories, loot from world bosses is not guaranteed. The Runecarver memories are only available to characters who have completed unlocking the Runecarver by completing the quest Reawakening.

Loot from world bosses shows up in your bags without having to loot the boss. Loot from world bosses is not sent via the Postmaster.


Each World Boss drops different memories for the Runecarver for different classes.  Make sure you are killing the correct World Boss that drops the memory you need for your class.  Game Masters cannot assist with resetting world quests, or granting World Boss loot.  

Runecarver Memories By Class
Boss NameZoneItem NamesClasses
MortanisMaldraxxusMemory of a Guile Charm, Memory of Fujieda, Memory of KeeferRogue, Warrior, Monk
ValinorBastionMemory of Archbishop Benedictus, Memory of the Final Verdict, Memory of the Windspeaker's Lava ResurgencePriest, Paladin, Shaman
OranomonosArdenwealdMemory of a Fevered Incantation, Memory of Surging Shots, Memory of the Verdant InfusionMage, Hunter, Druid
NurgashRevendrethMemory of a Frenzied Monstrosity, Memory of an Erratic Fel Core, Memory of Azj'Aqir's MadnessDeath Knight, Demon Hunter, Warlock

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