Do I Qualify for the Free Imp in a Ball Toy

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • Do I qualify for the free Imp in a Ball?
  • Will I get the Imp in a Ball based on my subscription?
  • I have the TCG Imp in a Ball, do I get it in Burning Crusade Classic too?

To earn the Imp in a Ball toy for free you must purchase a six month subscription after February 02, 2021. No other options of adding game time to an account will grant the toy, and the toy is not available as a separate purchase.

If you are already on an existing 6-month subscription with a future renewal date (and were gifted Lucky Yun in Shadowlands as a result), you get the Imp in a Ball toy in Burning Crusade Classic at no additional charge.

To obtain the toy you will need to complete a quest you can obtain from any innkeeper in your faction capitals in Burning Crusade Classic.

The free Imp in a Ball is not available on Classic Era realms or in Shadowlands. On Shadowlands realms you can obtain the toy by redeeming a TCG code, but collecting the toy in Shadowlands does not make it available on Burning Crusade Classic or Classic Era realms.