Missing Free Reward after Special Subscription Offer Purchase

Updated: 1 month ago
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Common Problems

  • I purchased the six-month sub option but do not have Wonderous Wavewhisker.
  • I have six months of game time on my account but no Glub pet.
  • I used tokens to get game time but didn't get the reward.

To earn free rewards, you must purchase the appropriate length subscription from the Battle.net Shop. No other options of adding game time to an account will grant the rewards. You can see the current rewards and any delivery limitations on the Subscription Shop page.

If you purchased a subscription and should have the reward but do not, ensure that your purchase is complete or shipped in your order history.

If you are already on an existing subscription of the same monthly length (or longer) with a future renewal date, you will automatically receive the rewards as a gift that you need to claim in the Battle.net App. For example, if you have a 6-month subscription, you will automatically be gifted 6-month subscription rewards, but you will not get any 12-month subscription rewards.

Gifts can be claimed through the gift box icon on the battle.net app, or through a browser here.

If you have claimed the gift, but cannot see it in-game, make sure your Collections filter is set to show all collected items, with all additional boxes ticked.


  • Rewards may only be available in Modern WoW or Wrath Classic, as defined on the Subscription Shop page
  • Wrath Classic rewards must be claimed through in-game quests from Innkeepers in any capital city or Landro Longshot in Booty Bay. The quests are available to all Wrath Classic characters on your WoW account

Customer Support cannot grant rewards from earlier promotions. However, some previous rewards are available to purchase in the Battle.net Shop..