Replacing an Inactive Clan Leader in Diablo Immortal

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I want to replace the Clan Leader in Diablo Immortal.

If a Clan Leader is not online for a set number of days "Adventurer (21 days), Shadow (14 days), Immortal Alliance (7 days), and Immortal (7 days)", the next highest ranking officer will be selected to be Clan Leader.

There are some additional restrictions on the auto-transfer rules for the Immortal Clan (Shadow Clan that overthrew the previous Immortal Clan, non-Immortal Allied Clan):

  • After Clan leader is offline for 7 days, the transfer will be auto triggered at 3am the next day
  • Only players from the Shadow Clan who won last season can be selected for leader. If there are no members of the clan who won last season, the dethrone will not be triggered
  • If there are members who won last season, the players who have been online within 7 days will be given priority. If there are no members who have been online for 7 days, the dethrone will not be triggered

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