Transferring a Diablo III Console Save

Updated: 3 years ago
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Common Problems

Can I move my Diablo III save from the PS3 to the PS4?

Same Console

If you have upgraded your original Diablo III game to the Ultimate Evil Edition on the same console, no action is necessary - the game will automatically detect your pre-existing game save and import your progress.

New Console

To transfer a save between consoles:

  1. Start Diablo III
    • You may need to patch the game
  2. Go to the main menu and select More
  3. Select Export Save
  4. Start Ultimate Evil Edition on your new console
  5. Select Import Save from the main menu

Some consoles may have additional options such as cloud save. For assistance with these options, please contact your console manufacturer.

All pre-order and promotional bonuses will also be transferred to your new console.


  • You cannot:
    • Transfer a save from PC to console, or the other way around
    • Transfer a save across different manufacturer consoles, for example from Xbox to PlayStation
    • Transfer a save to or from the Nintendo Switch
  • You can only have one exported save. If you export another save, your existing export will be overwritten.
  • Any Diablo III progress you made on a new console will be permanently lost when you import a save, even if you already imported a save and have been playing on it.
  • To ensure you’re able to complete all the challenges on a new console, some challenge progress may be lost when you transfer a save.