How to Claim a Code

Updated: 6 days ago
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Common Problems

  • I don't know how to claim a code to my account

You can add codes to your Blizzard account through the website or through the App. This includes game keys, Blizzard Balance codes, game time codes, gift codes, pets and mounts, and promotional codes.

Claim Your Code on the Website

To claim a code on the website:

  1. Log into your Account Overview
  2. Enter the code in the Redeem a Code box and click Redeem Code

Claim Your Code On The Desktop App

To claim a code on the Desktop App:
  1. Login to the Desktop App
  2. Click your profile icon at the top right corner of the App
  3. Click Redeem Code

Claim Your Code On The Mobile App

To claim a code on the Mobile App:
  1. Login to the Mobile App
  2. Click Profile
  3. Expand the Account section
  4. Choose Redeem Code

Limitations and Restrictions

  • Some codes have regional restrictions. You cannot use a code that doesn't belong to your region.
  • A code can only be claimed once & once claimed, cannot be sold, traded, gifted, etc.
  • Some codes must be activated by the cashier before they work. For example, Blizzard Balance purchased in a shop.
  • Some codes must be claimed before their expiration date. For example, promotional codes.
  • Item or pet codes distributed prior to BlizzCon 2009 and all World of Warcraft Trading Card Game item codes must be redeemed through the World of Warcraft Promotion Code Retrieval page.