Can't Claim Pre-Paid Game Time Card

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

Unable to redeem my 60 day game time scratch card

Pre-Paid Game Time Cards are region specific. On the back of the card you will see one of two websites.

  • (United States region)
  • (European region)

If your World of Warcraft account is in the US region, you will not be able to claim a code for EU. Similarly, an EU account will not accept a US code. Return the card to the retailer if it is for the incorrect region.

If the World of Warcraft account is banned or suspended, you will not be able to claim the code. You will need to wait for the suspension to end before claiming. 

Many of these codes must be activated at the register of the retailer. Confirm that the card was activated by returning to the retailer.

If you continue to have issues claiming the code, please contact Customer Support. Note that we do not provide refunds for pre-paid cards, but can help troubleshoot redeeming the code.