Earning Wrong Recruit A Friend Rewards

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Didn't get the reward I wanted, can I swap it.
  • Got an old reward but I want a new one.
  • Can I still claim a reward from the previous Recruit a Friend program?
  • How can I get one of the old Recruit a Friend mounts?

You can find the list of current Recruit A Friend rewards on our official website. If you have active recruits, you can view which rewards you are eligible for with each recruit from the social interface in-game (default short-cut key "O").

It is not possible to start earning towards old rewards with new recruits. You can only continue earning towards old rewards if you have active recruits that accepted your recruitment link before the current rewards track was introduced. If for any reason, the recruit's game time lapses for three or more days, then the recruit will no longer provide old rewards if they decide to re-activate game time on their account.

If you are earning towards a previous season of rewards, the initial Recruit A Friend interface in the game may show the wrong First Reward. Previous season rewards can be viewed in full by clicking the View All Rewards button, and then selecting the correct season by clicking the tabs on the right hand side.

    Customer Support does not assist with Recruit A Friend reward mistakes or regret.