Unread Mail Icon Visible in Game - No Mail in Mailbox

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • I have an unread mail icon but there is nothing in the mailbox when I check
  • I have a mail icon but there's nothing in my mail inbox
  • Sent a mail from my alt, but I can't see it

Unread mail in your inbox which you cannot see when you open your in-game mail may be caused by having the character who sent it on ignore. To verify if this was your problem:

  1. Log in on the receiving character
  2. Open your friends list and click on the "Ignore" tab
  3. Check your ignore list for anyone who may be sending you mail
  4. Remove the name from the list
  5. Check your in-game mail. If you have removed the correct name from your ignore list, the mail should be available in the inbox.

If you want to re-ignore the player after you have deleted the mail use the /ignore command (/ignore Charactername, replacing Charactername with the proper name of the character).

If you are still unable to see the ingame mail, this may be a corrupted file in your user interface folders. To resolve this issue reset your user interface