Using Heritage Armor on Multiple Characters

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Will I be able to use my earned heritage armor on a race-changed character?
  • Can all races use heritage armor once it has been earned?

If you level up an Allied Race character without boosting, faction/race-changing, or having levels granted to you through the Recruit-A-Friend program, you’ll earn that race’s distinctive Heritage Armor set. 


Starting Level

Level Required for Heritage Armor

Dark Iron Dwarves1050
Mag'har Orcs1050
Highmountain Tauren1050
Lightforged Draenei1050
Void Elves1050
Once earned, that Heritage Armor may be used on any character of that Race. This includes characters that are race or faction changed to the Race. Other races will not be able to use this armor.