Anduin Missing in Stormwind

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Anduin is supposed to give me a quest, but he is phased out and I cannot see him
  • I have a quest for Anduin, the quest marker says he is in Stormwind Keep, but he isn't there
  • High Exarch Turalyon is on the throne instead of Anduin!

There are a few story lines that can phase Stormwind for you until you complete them. While you are in such a phase, Anduin may not be at his throne in Stormwind Keep. The two story lines that most commonly cause this issue are In Darkest Night and The King's Path, however, we have listed below all of the story lines that can cause this issue.

If you are on the Battle for Azeroth campaign quest The Nation of Kul Tiras and do not see Anduin in the throne room, go to the Petitioner's Chamber to the left of the entry corridor of the keep. Note: If you abandon this quest, or any part of the questline before completing A Nation Divided, you will be permanently stuck in this phase.

Please check if you have started one or more of these story lines. If you have any in progress, please complete them to bring your character out of the phasing and be able to see Anduin again. 

In Darkest Night story line

  1. On Whispered Winds
  2. Waning Hope
  3. Shores of Fate
  4. Hope
  5. No Survivors
  6. In Darkest Night
  7. We Are Coming
  8. Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore
  9. A New Hope

The King’s Path story line

  1. A Found Memento
  2. Summons to the Keep
  3. Consoling the King
  4. A Kingdom's Heart
  5. A Personal Message
  6. A Walk to Remember
  7. Lost Souls
  8. The King's Path

The Broken Shore introduction

  1. The Legion Returns
  2. To Be Prepared
  3. The Battle for Broken Shore
  4. The Battle for Broken Shore (2)
  5. The Fallen Lion
  6. The Call of War
  7. Demons Among Us

Demon Hunters’ introduction quest line

  1. The Call of War
  2. Second Sight
  3. Demons Among Us
  4. Demons Among Them
  5. Illidari Allies
  6. A Weapon of the Alliance

To Argus! Story line

  1. The Hand of Fate
  2. The Hand of Fate
  3. Two If By Sea
  4. Light's Exodus
  5. The Vindicaar
  6. Into the Night

Vashj’ir Introduction 

  1. A Personal Summons
  2. The Eye of the Storm 
  3. Into The Abyss / Hero's Call: Vashj'ir! / To the Depths 
  4. Call of Duty 
  5. Sea Legs 
  6. Pay It Forward 
  7. Rest For the Weary

If you are confident that you have completed all the above quests, and you still can't see Anduin, contact us.