Diablo II (2000): You are in line to create a game

Updated: 12 months ago
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Common Problems

Error: "You are in line to create a game. Try joining a game to avoid waiting."

The Diablo II servers will automatically restrict connections when a game client is performing unauthorized behaviors. These restrictions exist to maintain server stability and prevent exploitative behavior such as botting and hacking.

If you are using an IP address which is shared with other users, any restriction will affect all users of the IP address. If you share your IP address with other players who have gotten a restriction, you will need to acquire a different IP address.

This particular error is typically due to creating too many games, leaving and joining games too quickly, etc. Repeated login attempts after a restriction may extend the restriction. If you do not experience this error following creation of a number of games, this may be a known issue that we are investigating. This forum thread is tracking information on the queue times.

If you find that your connection has been temporarily restricted, please remain offline for at least 48 hours. If after 48 hours you are still restricted, reinstall your game client or acquire a new IP address.

Customer Support cannot remove temporary restrictions for any reason or help with acquiring a new IP address.