This Phone Number is Already in Use on Another Account

Updated: 1 month ago
Article ID: 202793

Common Problems

  • I have two accounts and would like to add my phone number to both.
  • Cannot add my phone number to my account, it says the number is already used in another account.

A phone number can only be added to a single Account. Customer Support cannot bypass this limitation.

If you added your phone number to another Account, log in to that account's Account Details page to remove the number.

If you are unsure of the account your number is linked to, you can use the following support page to be texted the email: Recovery. If the email is yours, you can aim to recover the account using the above link. If the email on the account is not yours, meaning the number belonged to someone else, then please provide us a phone bill showing your name and cell number so we can verify you as the current user of the number and remove it for usage. 

Important: Some games such as Warzone 2.0 and newly created Overwatch 2 accounts require that you add a phone number before you can play, and you cannot use the same number to create two game accounts of the same game. Customer Support cannot help with unlinking a phone number from a game account. If you used your number to create a Warzone 2.0 or Overwatch 2 account on your first Account, you can move your phone number to a new account, but this will not allow you to create a second Warzone 2.0 or Overwatch 2 account on your new Account; for that you must add a different, unused phone number instead.