Can't Find See You Later Bundle in the Shop

Updated: 7 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Can't find Lil’ XT, Cenarion Hatchling, or Moonkin Hatchling
  • Where can I buy Grinning Reaver, Armored Bloodwing, or Swift Windsteed?
  • Why is Crown of Eternal Winter, Jewel of the Firelord, or Hood of Hungering Darkness not in the shop anymore?

Items in the See You Later Bundle will enter hibernation on January 7, 2019 and will no longer be available in the Blizzard® Shop or in-game shop. 

The bundle content included:

  • Pets:
    • Lil’ XT
    • Cenarion Hatchling
    • Moonkin Hatchling
  • Mounts:
    • Grinning Reaver
    • Armored Bloodwing 
    • Swift Windsteed
  • Helms:
    • Crown of Eternal Winter
    • Jewel of the Firelord
    • Hood of Hungering Darkness