Overwatch Legendary Edition Items Missing

Updated: 7 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I purchased the Legendary Edition and I didn't receive any loot boxes
  • I claimed a Legendary Edition code but I am missing the items in-game

For a list of what's included in the Legendary Edition, visit our Overwatch Legendary Edition Promotional Items & Skins article.

Missing Skins or Goodies

If you are missing skins or the goodies for other games, ensure your Console and PC accounts are properly linked.
If you have not done so yet, claim the code for the additional goodies on your Battle.net account.
Please note that buying the Legendary Edition on Nintendo Switch does not grant any goodies for other Blizzard games.

No Credits for Duplicate Items

If you already own Overwatch and you upgrade to Legendary Edition, you will not receive credits for duplicate skins that you already had. Blizzard Customer Support does not compensate credits for duplicate skins.