Receiving Error When Playing Duels

Updated: 1 day ago
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Common Problems

  • Duels mode is not unlocked for me
  • Error: "There was an error starting your game. please wait a few minutes and try again."
  • Error: "There was an error ending your duels session."

After finishing the tutorial, you will get access to the Apprentice Track. Modes and classes (including Death Knight) are now earned as rewards on the Apprentice Track, instead of their previous unlock requirements.

If you have unlocked Duels and receive the error: "There was an error starting your game," this means you are trying to use a deck that contains cards which are not playable in Duels. If you imported your deck from the deck builder, delete the deck and create a new one in-game.

If you're still receiving the error, please try restarting the client several times, this should fix this issue.