Not Earning Experience in StarCraft II Co-Op

Updated: 4 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I'm stuck at level 5
  • I'm not getting experience in co-op
  • I lost levels, my levels were reset to 5

If you cannot get past level 5 it is because you are playing the free version of StarCraft II.

If you reached higher levels and you now see your level is 5, the explanation is one of these reasons:

  • You have logged in with the wrong Blizzard account or BattleTag. Exit the game, log in again, and make sure you log in with the correct account.¬†
  • You played during a free play promotion that has ended. Any experience that you earned during the free play¬†promotion is saved in your profile. If you buy the product, you'll again see the level you reached.