Missing Transmog from Shop Purchase

Updated: 6 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I purchased Celestial Observer's outfit but it doesn't show up in the collection.
  • The Sprite Darter's Wings I have had for a while are suddenly no longer in my collection.
  • The shop says I already own this item, but I cannot select the appearance.
  • Where is my Wendigo Woolies Transmog Outfit?
  • Bought the Dragonflight Epic Edition but didn't receive Diadem of the Spell-Keeper or Wings of Awakening.

There are two things that could be causing issues with your Transmog purchased from the Shop. Please check the appropriate section for your issue.

Transmog doesn't appear after purchase

Note: The transmog can take a few minutes or hours to be delivered after purchase. Please wait a few moments and relog.

Based on the type of the transmog appearance, it can be found in the corresponding sections of your collection. For example, a transmog set can be found on the Sets tab of your collection. Backpack appearances can be found in the Back section of your collection.

If you cannot see the appearances in your collection please ensure that your purchase is complete or shipped in your order history.

Transmog disappeared after owning it

There was a known issue with all purchased appearance sets and items, even when they've been owned for years, that causes them to occasionally disappear from the appearances collection in game. Our developers have fixed the issue that was causing this problem. You should no longer lose these appearances.

If you discover a new issue, please submit a new Bug report.

Note: Bugs submitted in-game do not receive a personal response. Instead, they'll be directed to the teams responsible for addressing them.