Didn't Receive a Character Boost With my Expansion Purchase 

Updated: 3 months ago
Article ID: 312933

Common Problems

  • I bought the latest expansion but didn't receive my boost.
  • Can't see my character boost on the character list.
  • I upgraded from Heroic to Epic but did not receive any boost.

Make sure you log in to the account you upgraded since the character boost is specific to the WoW account being upgraded. If you cannot see your character boost on the character selection screen, visit your Transaction History. If your order status is Complete and you still haven't received your boost, try this troubleshooting:

  1. Create a level 1 character to refresh your character selection screen.
  2. Log into a character, then log out back to your character selection screen.
  3. Close the game and restart.

Expansion upgrades

Upgrading the Base or Heroic edition to Epic of a specific expansion does not grant an additional boost. If you want an additional boost after already owning one from an expansion pack, a separate Character Boost service is available for purchase.