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Security programs exist to help keep your account details and personal information safe. We recommend that you run regular scans to make sure your computer is secure.


Viruses are hard to detect, easy to spread, and difficult to remove. They can damage your files, registry, and hardware. The most common way to get a virus is via email or downloaded attachments.

The following are some popular antivirus options for protecting against these threats:

Antivirus ProductFree Version or Trial?Free Online Scan?
Avast AntivirusFreeUnavailable
Avira AntivirusFreeUnavailable


Spyware monitors the actions of a computer user and can affect the performance of your computer. This software will attempt to send any gathered information to a host server, which can affect latency or may reduce your internet speed.

To assist your anti-spyware program in finding spyware that targets our games, bring up the login screen and type gibberish into the login fields while the anti-spyware program is running.

Anti-Spyware ProductFree Version Available?


A rootkit can help hide other malicious programs such as viruses, trojans, and keyloggers. Finding and removing rootkits with ordinary anti-spyware or antivirus software can be very difficult.

Anti-Rootkit ScannerSeparate download or bundled with other software?