Cross-Faction Communication

Updated: 7 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Is it allowed to speak with players of the opposing faction?
  • I want to report a player who is helping the opposing faction by talking to them 

In Modern WoW, Communities and Guilds can be cross-faction. Members of the same Community or Guild can speak with each other in chat even if they belong to opposing factions. 

In addition it is possible to play dungeons and raids in Cross-Faction Groups.

While in a Cross-Faction Group, players of opposing factions can talk to each other in the following channels:

  • Whisper 
  • Private channels: Party, Raid, Instance, and Battleground chat
  • /say or /yell whether in an instance or outdoors 

Opposing faction characters who are not part of the same WoW Community or Guild cannot talk to each other in outdoors public channels, neither while in a group. This includes General, Looking For Group, Local Defense, etc.