We no longer sell Overwatch Origins or Overwatch Game of the Year on the Battle.net Shop. We now sell the Overwatch 2: Watchpoint Pack which includes the Overwatch Legendary Edition. 

Origins Edition Skins:
  • Blackwatch Reyes
  • Strike-Commander Morrison
  • Overgrown Bastion
  • Security Chief Pharah
  • Slipstream Tracer
Cross promotional items for other Blizzard games*:
  • Heroes of the Storm: Tracer hero
  • World of Warcraft: Baby Winston pet
  • Diablo III: Mercy's Wings
  • StarCraft II: In-game portraits
    • Soldier: 76
    • Reaper
    • Bastion
    • Winston
    • Tracer
    • Pharah
  • Hearthstone: Overwatch-themed card back
Five Epic Skins:
  • Winter Widow
  • Shrike Ana
  • Paragon Reinhardt
  • ​Pale Moira
  • Carbon Fiber Genji
Five Legendary Skins:
  • Valkyrie Mercy
  • Mystery Man Cole Cassidy
  • Okami Hanzo
  • Fool Junkrat
  • Officer D.Va
10 Loot boxesNOYESNO
Widomaker Noire skin**NONONO

*Overwatch Legendary Edition on Nintendo Switch does not include cross promotional items for other Blizzard games

**The Widomaker Noire skin was an exclusive reward for pre-purchasing Overwatch before launch