Swap Ring for Band of Eternity

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I cannot exchange my Band of Eternity, it's asking me for a ring I don't have
  • I chose the wrong Scale of Sands ring
  • How do I get back my Band of Eternity if I deleted it?

The Band of Eternity ring is a reward from The Scale of the Sands reputation. Your choice for the original ring cannot be changed immediately. Once you reach Exalted with the Scale of the Sands, you can exchange the ring for a different one via a quest. Swapping rings requires the original ring and a gold fee. 

If you have already swapped your ring and want to swap for a different one, you can delete your current ring and speak to Soridormi to obtain your original ring. You can then swap that for another ring.

Customer Support does not assist with swapping rings.