Missing Teleport Spell for Keystone Hero Achievement

Updated: 6 days ago
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Common Problems

  • I'm missing Challenger's Path Dungeon Teleport after completing a level 20 Mythic+
  • I completed the required m+ and I don't have the teleport spell

If you have completed a Mythic Challenge dungeon at level 20 or higher in time, your character will receive the achievement Keystone Hero for the specific dungeon. (This is different than Keystone Hero for the season, which has a rating requirement, not a dungeon level requirement.) When you receive the achievement, you will also get a spell allowing the specific character you timed the dungeon on to port to that dungeon once every 8 hours. This is not an account-wide achievement.

Note: Your character must time the dungeon at the current required time for the dungeon; the achievement is not retroactive for characters which would have been within time if the timing for the dungeon changes during the season.