Lost Transmog of Base Item After Using Catalyst

Updated: 2 weeks ago
Article ID: 311751

Common Problems

  • I converted a piece of gear with the Catalyst and its transmog is missing.
  • An item appearance was removed from my collection after using the Catalyst.

For an appearance to be permanently added to your transmogrification collection, any trade or refund timer must run out, or be removed (by equipping the item for example). If the timer is still active, the item appearance will be removed from the Wardrobe after converting it in the Catalyst to receive a new tier item.

To make sure that this does not happen, the item must be without any refund or trade timers before putting it into the Catalyst, ideally by making sure that the item is soulbound to your character.

If you accidentally use an non-soulbound item in the Catalyst and lose the transmog, you will need to reobtain that item in order to gain the transmog via equipping the item.

Customer Support cannot provide any replacement items, or wardrobe appearances due to this game function.