Diablo Immortal In-Game Restrictions When Eternal Orb Balance is Negative

Updated: 2 weeks ago
Article ID: 311758

Common Problems

  • I can't invite other people to groups in Diablo Immortal
  • How do I remove the party invite restrictions from my Immortal account?
  • I got a refund and now I can't do any multiplayer content with other people

If your balance of Eternal Orbs in Diablo Immortal goes into the negative due to a chargeback or refund on your account, you will not be able to participate in certain features in Diablo Immortal, such as:

  • Cannot invite people to party / be invited to a party
  • Cannot use Legendary Crests
  • Cannot trade on the in-game market
  • Cannot queue for PvP activity

To resolve the issue, you will need to add Eternal Orbs until your Orb balance goes to zero or above.

Customer Support will not assist with removing restrictions or changing Eternal Orb balance.