Didn't Receive a Character Boost With My Dragonflight Purchase

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Bought Dragonflight but my boost is missing
  • Can't see my character boost on the character list
  • Purchased Dragonflight, when will I receive my boost?

What Dragonflight Editions Include a Boost?

Dragonflight Base edition does NOT include a character boost.

A level 60 character boost is included in Dragonflight Epic and Heroic editions. If you buy the Heroic edition first and then you upgrade to the Epic edition, you do NOT receive a second boost.

Both a level 50 and a level 60 boost are included in the Complete Collection (only available if you don't own Shadowlands).

Pre-purchasing Dragonflight Collector's Edition will not grant you the in-game goodies or the boost until you receive your box and you claim the code within the box.

I Purchased the Correct Edition, Still no Boost

If you cannot see the boost on your character selection screen, check the following: 

  • Visit your Transaction History and verify the order status is Complete.
  • If you have multiple World of Warcraft accounts on your Battle.net account, make sure you log in to the account you upgraded to Dragonflight. You can only use the character boost on the WoW account you upgraded. 
  • Create a level 1 character to refresh your character selection screen.
  • Log into a character, then log out back to your character selection screen.
  • Close the game and restart

See our Character Boost article for more information.