Wrath of the Lich King Classic Fresh Start Realm Restrictions

Updated: 9 months ago
Article ID: 316096

Common Problems

  • Why can't I boost my character on a Fresh Start Realm?

Fresh Start realms come with a few restrictions:

  • For at least 90 days, you will not be allowed to boost a character on Fresh Start realms.
  • For at least 90 days, Fresh Start realms will not be available destinations for character transfers.
  • Death Knights cannot be created on these realms without a level 55 character on that same realm.

Note: If your fresh start realm was recently created, the above restrictions will apply.  This is working as intended.

For more information about Fresh Start realms, please review our forum post.

We are aware of an issue where a Character Boost cannot be applied to a previously created character on a Fresh Start realm that is older than 90 days. We are investigating, but currently do not have a resolution. While a boost cannot be applied to an older character on one of these realms, you can apply the boost to a newly created character.