The World of Warcraft® Mobile Armory is a free service that allows players with active game time to use the Remote Auction House and Remote Guild Chat on a supported mobile device.

To install, search for the World of Warcraft Mobile Armory app on your mobile device. Once you’ve installed the free app, log in using your Blizzard account information.

Remote Auction House

The Remote Auction House lets you browse the Auction House, check the status of existing auctions, purchase items, and create your own auctions.

A single World of Warcraft account can perform up to 200 Remote Auction House transactions per day (including bids, buyouts, and creating auctions). The Remote Auction House is unavailable during periods of downtime, including the weekly Tuesday maintenance period.

Remote Guild Chat

Remote Guild Chat lets you talk with your guildmates while in the Mobile Armory app. You can use the app to see what guild members are online, view their character information, and send them whispers. You can't send or receive whispers from players not in your guild.

Other players see an icon in their friends list to show that you are using Remote Guild Chat. When you close your mobile app, you will stay logged in to Guild Chat in-game until you log out of Remote Guild Chat. Whispers you receive while logged in to Remote Guild Chat are sent to your mobile device.

Note: Blizzard employees will never contact you through Remote Guild Chat.