Appeal Silence in Overwatch 2

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

My Overwatch 2 account was silenced.

We penalize your account if you are reported multiple times for Spam or Abusive Chat. The severity of this penalty increases each time we apply it to your account. These penalties begin with silences, but repeated violation of chat behavior can result in suspensions up to account closures.

The following list describes what you can and can't do while silenced. For more information, visit our Account Silenced article.

You CannotYou Can
Use Team chat in gameSend whispers to friends
Chat in Private Game channelsUse Group chat in game
Chat in General channels 
Chat in Match channels 
Send whispers to non-friends 
Reply to whispers from non-friends 
Post on the forums 

If the silence occurs while you're in a match, you'll be logged out after it ends. You will still receive XP earned during the match.