Retrieve Items From Dead Hardcore WoW Classic Character

Updated: 2 months ago
Article ID: 340853

Common Problems

  • I don't want my Hardcore WoW Classic character revived, I just want to retrieve their items.

Death is permanent on WoW Classic Hardcore realms, and all items on the character are lost and cannot be mailed or traded to any other character. Customer support will not assist in retrieving items from a dead character's bags.

If the items are still in the dead character's mailbox, you can use our Mail Return service to have them sent back to the character that sent the mail.

Any active auctions will be canceled. The mail from auctions cannot be recovered after a Hardcore character dies. When transferring a dead Hardcore character, the existing mail in the mailbox will be deleted. Mail from the auction house will be deleted. Customer support will not assist in retrieving auction mail that are deleted when transferring.