If your Diablo® III account was hacked and your characters are missing items, gold, or other property, you can request an account rollback to recover your missing goods.

Note: You must log out of Diablo III before attempting a rollback of your account to complete it successfully.

Request Rollback

Diablo III game accounts are eligible for three rollbacks. A rollback restores the game to a prior state and reverts any changes made after the rollback point (a periodically updated save point). A rollback may cause legitimate game progress to be lost. When a rollback is processed, the following occurs:

  • All Heroes in your selected region will be rolled back to the state they were at the time the save point was created.
  • Hardcore Heroes will also be rolled back, but they will not be revived if they were killed since the time the save point was created.
  • All items on the account (worn, inventory, and stash) will become account-bound and cannot be traded.
  • Some high-level commodities will have caps imposed before a rollback is performed. See the table for each capped item.
Rollback Caps
Crafting Materials500, each type
Crafting Training500, each type
Crafting Plans1, each type

Note: Performing a rollback is permanent and cannot be undone. Make sure you want to rollback your character before initiating the process.