Hearthstone Recruit A Friend - Missing Rewards

Updated: 9 months ago
Article ID: 43195

Common Problems

  • Our accounts are linked but I'm not getting any rewards.
  • Missing Morgl the Oracle
  • No Shaman Hero after leveling to 20

First, confirm that the rewards have been earned. You can check the status of your rewards on the Recruit a Friend Progress page. To check the page:

  1. Log into Hearthstone
  2. Click the Social icon in the lower left corner of the screen
  3. Click the Play icon next to your BattleTag
  4. Click the Recruit Friends button

If the link was properly established, you will see the Recruit a Friend Progress page. The page will detail how close you are to earning each of the rewards for Recruit a Friend. If you are not directed to the Recruit a Friend Progress page, then your account was not properly linked. 

To use Morgl the Oracle, you must equip him as a hero.

  1. Log into Hearthstone
  2. Click on My Collection and then any Shaman deck you have built
  3. Click the Hero tab, next to the cardback tab, in the top right
    • If there is no hero tab, then Morgl the Oracle has not been earned
  4. Select Morgl the Oracle to use him as your Hero
  5. Click Done