Can't Trade Loot

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Common Problems

  • Cannot trade loot to another party member
  • Can't trade dungeon, raid, or instance loot
  • Can't trade loot sent by the Postmaster
  • Clicked need for an item by mistake

Most Bind on Pickup loot can be traded to an eligible party member within two hours. If the player you want to trade with is not on the same realm, the trade must be completed before leaving the instance and group.

Both players involved in the trade must have participated in the fight and be eligible for loot. If you did not get a chance to participate in the fight (by hitting the boss or healing a player), you won't be able to trade loot.


  • You cannot trade an item if it has a higher item level than what you have previously looted for that gear slot and specialization.
    • This includes set items, weapons, and items that are upgrades for your other specializations (even if you don't play those specializations).
    • Upgrades are registered immediately when the boss that drops an item is killed, instead of when an item is picked up.
      • This means if you bonus roll an item, then loot the same item off the boss, and can't trade either - the loot from the boss was considered an upgrade.
  • Toys, mounts, pets, and Legendary items can't be traded.
  • Items received via in-game mail from the Postmaster can't be traded.
  • Items that have been equipped or modified can't be traded.
    • This includes using enchants, sockets, transmogrification, etc.
  • Items won from a bonus roll can't be traded.
  • Items dropped from a World Boss can't be traded.
  • Items that are special appearance drops, like Scythe of the Unmaker, can't be traded.
  • Items that have been restored after being deleted, sold to a vendor, disenchanted, or scrapped can't be traded.
  • Items that are Bind on Equip cannot be traded cross-realm, even when obtained during a dungeon or raid encounter.

Customer Support will not bypass these rules to trade items between players. 

WoW Classic

Loot trading is not possible in WoW Classic, with the exception of raid gear. Note that while some dungeons like Blackrock Spire can be completed in a raid group, they are not considered raids like Molten Core, and loot from them will not have trade timers.

Customer Support will not be transferring loot between players. For more information, please visit our forums.