Lost Overwatch Progress

Updated: 4 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • I lost 15 levels in Overwatch
  • I used to have much more hours in Overwatch, where did it all go? 

Overwatch is designed so that it's not functionally possible to lose progress in game levels. If you are seeing lost progress in your game level, you may be experiencing a display issue. Try the following troubleshooting methods:

  • Log out of the game and Blizzard Battle.net Desktop App completely and then log back in
  • Reset your account password
Loss of cosmetic items or currency is possible if there was an issue with purchases involving these items being refunded or charged back by the bank. If funds for a purchase were reversed, the items and currency gained will also be reclaimed. They can only be regained through re-purchasing the order that was refunded.

If you are missing progress on consoles, please check this forum post.