Unable to Edit Guild Member's Rank in World of Warcraft

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • Unable to promote or demote guild members
  • Can't to promote an officer to guild master

Having problems modifying a guild member's rank may be a result of rank permissions, a problem with the rank itself, or a UI issue. If you are having this issue, try the troubleshooting below.

  1. Ensure that your rank has permission to modify other ranks
  2. If you are trying to promote another player to Guild Master, ensure that they are on the same realm as the Guild
  3. Try adding a new rank to the guild
  4. Try deleting and recreating the rank you are having the problem with
  5. Try modifying the rank number of the rank you are having a problem with
  6. If this problem happens with all members with rank permissions, wait for one weekly reset period so the servers can refresh you guild's information.
  7. If this problem only affects your character or characters, it is probably an interface issue. Reset your user interface.

Tried everything here?

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