Missing Item from World of Warcraft Inventory

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Common Problems

  • Can't find an item in my bag
  • My item disappeared
  • My item is missing

Missing items

If you are missing an item, think if:

  • The item was put in the bank, Void Storage, or guild bank.
  • The item was a collectible and was learned (mounts, pets, heirlooms, or toys).
  • The item was sold.
  • The item was a consumable and was used by mistake (potion, food, etc.).
  • The item was a reagent and was spent on a craft or upgrade.
  • The item was a gear piece disenchanted or scrapped.
  • The item was a token or currency and was exchanged for something else.

Sometimes an item may not be missing, but a damaged UI element or inventory manager addon is causing a display issue: try resetting your UI.

If you think your World of Warcraft account has been hacked, visit our Account Hacked article.

Item restoration

Sold, disenchanted, or scrapped gear pieces can be restored in the Item Restoration page. Any recently sold items can be restored by speaking to any vendor in-game and opening the Buyback tab.

Stackable items such as consumables and reagents sold or used by mistake cannot be restored.

Collectibles learned by mistake cannot be unlearned.