Unauthorized Account Access Policy


Limitations placed on Account Access

The ToU speaks extensively about what you may and may not do with a World of Warcraft account. This section highlights a few passages from the ToU that are most relevant to this policy. The core message is that you, and only you (with the exception of a minor authorized to use an account by a parent or guardian), should be accessing an account registered in your name.

  • Blizzard Entertainment does not recognize the transfer of accounts between individuals.
  • You may not share your account or password with anyone, except that if you are a parent or guardian, you may permit one (1) minor child to use the account instead of you (in which case you may not use that Account at the same time). (Section 1A of the ToU)
  • You are liable for all activities conducted through the account, including any activities which may be conducted by your minor children that you allow to use your account.
  • You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your user name and password, and you will be responsible for all uses of your User Name and password whether or not authorized by you. Security of your account is your responsibility.

Tips to Prevent an Account Compromise

Account security is the sole responsibility of the registered user. For tips on keeping your account secure, visit our Account and Computer Security support article.

Third Party User Interfaces

Third party user interfaces (Third Party UIs) are very popular in World of Warcraft. The use of a Third Party UI can also be risky. Blizzard is not responsible for the damage that may occur from your use of a Third Party UI. Section 13(g) of the ToU specifically states:

  • The use of any "user interface" other than the user interface that is included in the World of Warcraft Software ("Third Party User Interface") is not recommended by Blizzard Entertainment, and you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Blizzard Entertainment from all claims, damages, and other losses which may arise from your use of a Third Party User Interface. At such time that Blizzard elects to post a list of approved Third-Party User Interfaces on its website, you agree that you will use only those Third-Party User Interfaces approved by Blizzard, and that you will use no other Third-Party User Interfaces in connection with World of Warcraft.

Regaining Control of a Compromised Account

If you believe the security of the account you use has been compromised, take the following steps:

  • Reset your password via the Account Management section of the World of Warcraft website.
  • Run a virus scan for trojans installed on your machine.
  • Change the password for the email account you use.

When an account is reported or its security appears to have been compromised, we will disable access to the account while we conduct an investigation. Once we are confident that account access privileges have been restored to the registered user (and only the registered user), we will enable access to the account.

While we will attempt to restore any items/gold missing from the account, we cannot guarantee that lost items/gold will be reimbursed.

Repercussions for Compromising an Account

This category applies to players who have:

  • Accessed an account reported as compromised and are not the registered user of said account.
  • Knowingly or unknowingly received items/gold from a compromised account.

If a player is found to have participated in one of these acts, they may:

  • Have the transferred items/gold removed from the account.
  • Receive an account penalty up to and including account closure if the registered user of the account perpetrated the compromise.

Any player found to be involved in compromising the security of another account may have any and all related accounts closed. This may include accounts found to have knowingly received items/money transferred from a compromised account. We will conduct a review of both the compromised account and the account(s) that received the items/money and action the account(s) based only on the information gathered through our investigation.

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