Incompatible or Red Realms

更新済み: 1週間前
記事ID: 10356


All realms appear red and say Incompatible when logging in to World of Warcraft.


You may see incompatible realms after logging in to World of Warcraft after a patch. This occurs because the local version of the game does not match the version on our servers.

If your game does not update automatically, restart the Blizzard Desktop Application. Follow these steps if the update doesn't start.

  1. Close the Blizzard Desktop App.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager.
  3. Select Agent.exe and click End Process.
  4. Restart the Desktop App and let the update finish.
  5. Run the Scan and Repair tool.

Reset the user interface if you're still seeing incompatible realms after following the above steps. If that doesn't work, check BlizzardCS on Twitter for more information.