In-Game Advertising

更新済み: 6日前
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  • Can I sell Mythic+ boosting services?
  • A player is selling a mount code in the General chat.
  • There is a player spamming a gold selling website in Trade chat.


Selling in-game items and services such as carries or boosting for real money is not allowed.

Selling items and services for gold is allowed but can only be advertised in-game through the Trade chat channel. Advertisements are not allowed in the Group Finder. The Group Finder is intended to help players find active groups that are being formed and advertisements make it difficult to find relevant groups.

Accounts that are used for the primary purpose of advertising may be closed.


Gold sellers and leveling services often steal the accounts and credit cards of those who purchase their services.

Do not solicit leveling services, and do not buy gold from sources. If you want to exchange currency for in-game gold, consider purchasing a WoW Token.


To report a player for inappropriate advertisement, use the right-click option. You will not receive a direct response but we take all reports very seriously.