Heroes of the Storm - Leaver Penalty

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  • Lost rank points for leaver penalty in Heroes
  • Disconnected and got leaver status
  • I got disconnected from Heroes of the Storm and lost ranking


Connection problems sometimes cause players to drop so we set a threshold for leaving quick play games before you are penalized

Leaving any game in which you play against other people will count towards bumping you in to leaver status. This includes leaving during draft in Storm League and Unranked Draft modes.

While you are in leaver status, you will be limited to the versus AI and Quick Match game modes. Your queue times may be longer than normal as you’ll be matched with other leavers until you clear your leaver status. As a leaver, you will see a warning at the top of the game client. Mousing over the warning will show you additional details, as well as the number of games you need to successfully complete in order to clear your leaver status.

Note: Leaving a Ranked Draft Lobby or Ranked Match results in a 500 Skill Point penalty. You will slowly redeem points lost due to a penalty if you complete several matches without leaving.

Customer Support cannot restore points lost for leaving a Ranked match.