Merging Overwatch 2 Progress Between and Console Accounts

Updated: 6 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I have skins on PC that I want to merge to my console
  • Is there any way I can transfer my progress in OW from console to PC?
  • Can I transfer loot boxes between Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo?

Overwatch 2 features Cross-Progression between your Console and accounts. This requires the data from both Console and to be merged. You will soon be prompted to either confirm that your correct Console and accounts are linked, or to link your accounts if they are not already.

The steps to link your Console and accounts can be found here. If you have linked the wrong Console account to your account, you can find the steps on how to link the correct account here. Once you have linked your Console and accounts, you will need to confirm the merge by signing into Overwatch via your console account. Note that some account links have cooldowns limiting how often they can be changed. This varies based on the type of account, (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.), but you'll receive a warning in account management specifying the specific cooldown length when disconnecting an account type that has a cooldown. Customer Support is unable to bypass these cooldowns.

Blizzard games featuring Cross-Progression store your progress on your account, not your Console account. After Cross-Progression is enabled, and your Console and accounts have merged, the Console account will no longer contain your progress such as cosmetics, Overwatch 1 credits, competitive points, and golden weapons unless it is linked to your account.

After Cross-Progression is enabled,, Xbox, and PlayStation in-game wallets will be shared. Virtual currency redeemed and/or purchased on Nintendo Switch can only be used for in-game purchases on Nintendo Switch. Virtual currency redeemed and/or purchased on any other platform will not be accessible on Nintendo Switch.

In-game purchases made with virtual currency will be accessible across linked accounts on all platforms. Virtual currency earned in-game will also be accessible across linked accounts on all platforms.

If you experience issues and cannot link your account, follow the steps here for assistance.