Missing Diablo III Stash Tabs

Updated: 11 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Purchased ROS and I didn't receive extra two stash tabs 
  • Got Necromancer, didn't unlock two stash tabs
  • Didn't get extra tab rewarded for Season Journey

In Diablo III, your Stash is where you keep all the items that you want to keep. Everyone gets their first tab for free. After that, tabs need to be unlocked with gold, even if you get them from purchasing the Reaper of Souls expansion or Rise of the Necromancer DLC.

Sourcetabs availableTotal
Diablo IIIOne free tab, three purchasable with gold4
Reaper of SoulsOne free tab, one purchasable with gold6
Season JourneyOne per completion of Season Journey Conqueror (up to 5)11
Rise of the NecromancerTwo tabs purchasable with gold13

If you are missing stash tabs after recently purchasing Reaper of Souls or the Necromancer pack, try logging out of Battle.net and back in. You can also try resetting your password to see if this helps the tab appear.

If you still do not see all your stash tabs, please submit a Bug Report. Customer Support does not have the ability to add stash tabs.