Missing Items from Diablo III Stash

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • All the dyes in my stash are gone
  • My stash is completely empty
  • Missing some of my legendaries from the stash

If you notice that some of your items are missing, check to make sure that you are logging into the correct region through the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app.

Some items, like crafting materials, are no longer located in the stash. If these are the items you are missing, you can find them in the crafting materials tab. Open any character's inventory and click on the anvil icon, located next to the gold and Blood Shard count.

For items gained during the season, be sure to check the mail. At the end of a season all season gains are mailed to non-seasonal characters. Items left in the mail for too long are deleted.

If you feel the items were stolen or the account hacked, it may be possible to recover the account using a rollback.  Please note that this returns the characters to the state they were in at that time so it will remove progress made after this point. You should also take steps to secure your account, such as doing a password reset.