How to Get Nemsy Necrofizzle

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Didn't receive Nemsy Necrofizzle after a brawl
  • Played 3 games at a Fireside Gathering, didn't receive warlock hero

You can obtain Nemsy Necrofizzle by playing a brawl at a Fireside Gathering in an Established Tavern.

How to identify if a tavern is established

You can tell if you are playing at an established tavern by looking at the tavern’s sign post. The avatar of an established tavern's sign post is a custom icon chosen by the innkeeper. If you see the default Fireside Gathering lantern, it means the tavern isn’t established, and playing brawls will not unlock Nemsy.

Restrictions due to Covid-19

We temporarily disabled the ability to host public Fireside Gatherings. This means new innkeepers cannot establish a new tavern. You will be able to earn Nemsy Necrofizzle when it’s safe and we allow public Fireside Gatherings again.