Received Prime Gaming Reward on the Wrong Account

Updated: 4 months ago
Article ID: 140811

Common Problems

  • I redeemed a Prime Gaming reward on the wrong account
  • I claimed my Prime Gaming loot while the wrong BattleTag was linked

To ensure you receive Prime Gaming rewards on the correct account, visit Amazon's Linked Accounts page to ensure the correct account appears. If you notice the Battle Tag does not match the correct account, consult the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Visit Amazon's Linked Accounts page
  2. Click on Manage
  3. Click Unlink this account and Unlink a second time to confirm
  4. Click Link AccountBlizzard Entertainment > Link Blizzard Entertainment account
  5. After confirming the correct account is linked, visit the Prime Gaming page to claim rewards on the correct account

If you earned a Prime Gaming rewards on the wrong account, know which account you claimed the reward on, and you haven't yet used the reward in-game, contact us. If you do not know what account you claimed the reward on you will need to reach out to Amazon.